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Shakes and Pearscenes


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This is our opportunity to describe the different adventures/tours/activities we offer. Here's an example of a format we might use.

Diseños disponibles:

Canoe Trip

Choose a canoe trip down the Charles River for a unique adventure. We offer 2, 3, and 5 day trips. All equipment and meals are provided. No special skills needed.

Alyssa Milano

1982: Yamaha World Song Festival Gold Medal: Best Song, "Tellement Jai DAmour Pour Toi"
1982: Yamaha Symphony Orchestra Award: Best Artist
1984: Felix: received two awards
1985: Felix: received five awards
1991: Juno: Female Vocalist of the Year
1991: Juno: Album of the Year, Unison
1992: Juno: Female Vocalist of the Year

Nataly Portman

El siguiente es un diseño de: Vabuco Atsumi.
La temporada: otoño-invierno 2003.
El costo de un ejemplar circula entre: RD$300.00 y RD$450.00 la pieza.

Holly Mary Combs
Holly Mary Combs

Itinerario Primavera 2004

Pasarela S&P

Pasarela Primavera-Verano 2004
Pro Recaudación de fondos para PCV 
Febrero 21 -4:00 pm
Salón Galá del Teatro Nacional
Costo: RD$100.00 P/p

Última actualización 00/00/00

Clare Danes
Clare Danes

1994: Cable Ace: Best Music Special in U.S., The Colour Of My Love
1994: Juno: Female Vocalist of the Year
1994: Felix: received three awards
1995: Ivor Novello Award: Think Twice
1995: Juno: Album of The Year, The Colour of My Love


Este diseño es de: Paula Abdul
Temporada: Primavera-verano 2003
El costo del ejemplar circula entre: RD$300.00 y RD$400.00 

For more information call: (800) 555-1212